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❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ashley Marina ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
❤❤❤❤ Al's Artist of the Month for November 2019 ❤❤❤❤❤ MOB RADIO's ARTIST OF THE YEAR ❤AND❤ Al's Artist of the Year for 2020 ❤and with DJ Shea predictions of Greatness and maybe even Artist of the { Generation } you can expect it to be a very exciting year and we are so proud to have Ashley Marina as our Artist of the Year , Full of talent with Acting Singing and Piano Skills already has Original songs to her name this is one exciting Artist and a Must Follow esp as her Journey will be one you will not forget in a Hurry also Thank You Julia Middleton for you gave us an Amazing 2019 wow we are so Lucky to have Artists Like you and Ashley be our Artist of the Year Thank You All xoxoxo

Ashley Marina Yankello a 12 year old multifaceted performer (singer-songwriter, instruments (piano, ukulele, guitar), dancer (hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap), actress & model)

Social Media
FaceBook :
Youtube :
Visit Ashley's Youtube channel …Subscribe … like .. comment and share Thank you 


Coming Soon to MOB Motion Device Live with DJ Shea we going to have a Jam session of 2 hours of pure Rock from our very own Motion Device esp for the MD Warrios and new fans with Sara and co in live chat the Wee Witch and a few CDs to give away  be awake and get ready for it for we will make you feel Alive at Five 

Date  Released 4th August times in list below Rock show

November  20 11 2016


Alyssa Marie Coon desides on her Birthday she wants to help make a difference and a Cover of Concrete Angle is Born

And so we also get the chance to help how check out her FB Page its all there but Donating a few bucks to help Children at risk sounds like a good way to spend also from Monday you can buy the Cover and the money goes into so yea and ive decided to put the Video right here and all our Network so check it out from Monday 21st November : ) O Yea DJ Shea Digs this.


Tune in Sunday February 23th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio  

Romania Part #1


Alexia Gresoi                                                      The Most Beautiful Star
Andrada Ghidurus                                             Only You-Doar tu
Happy Day Band                                                Dance Monkey
Giulia Milia                                                         Love Is The Name
Amira Apian                                                         Oh So Quiet
Diana Petcu                                                         Bleeding Love
Karina                                                                  Perfect time (Original)
Teodora Man                                                      Poison
Bryana Holingher                                             Never Enough
Diana Damian                                                     A.D.N. (Original)
Isabela Ungureanu                                            I Was Here
Simona                                                                 I Am The Best 
Adnana                                                                 Ain't My  Fault
Alexia Catalina                                                  You Know What You Want
Luana Florea                                                        Mad About You
Daria Theodorescu                                              Wish You Were Here
Claudia Dumitru                                                All I Could Do Was Cry
Raisandra                                                            VOW
Elena Mocanu                                                     How To Live Without You
Jeasmine Music                                                  Take My Hand  (Ia-ma de mana)
Selena Bobeica                                                   Something New                                                  
Alexta                                                                    I See Fire              
Giulia Tabara                                                     When I Was Your Man
Maria Raducanu                                                Idon'twannabeyouanymore
LARY                                                                    My Gang
Maia Malancus                                                   Cry Baby

Nina Manolache                                                 Candy Girls  (Original)
Ana Stanciulescu  - Ayana                                All I Need Is You
Daria Pintilie                                                         Je t'aime
Fani Trancheva                                                  I Have Nothing
Teona Racheriu                                                  Something's Got A Hold On Me
Ana Plian / Cioflica                                             Two Hearts
Daciana Constantea                                           Replay
Ioana Ilincescu                                                    idontwannabeyouanymore
Giada Giardinelli                                              Cheap Thrills
Delia Mălinici                                                     Hurts
Bianca BiBi                                                         Chocolate Chip
Delia Andreea Marga                                       Lovely
Daria Stefan   Artist of the Year 2015           Autumn  Leaves
Daiana  (Diana Popa)                                         Shape of You
Maryellen V Badea                                             The Voice Within
Daria Nicoleta Peltea                                          Unfaithful


Tune in Sunday February 23th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio  

UK and Europe ( Bulgaria, Ukraine, Phillipines ) Part #2
Victory Vizanska                                               Stone Cold
Izabella Ivaschenko                                           Echo of Your Steps
Angelina Jordan                                                Elvis Tribute
Bianca Moccia                                                    Love Forgives You
Christina Magrin                                               No More Tears
Anna Shirin                                                         Heroes
Breeze Redwine                                                  Courage
Muireann McDonnell                                         Linger
Sapphire                                                                Fly Me To The Moon
AjVicenteOfficial                                               Dance With My Father Again
Lisa Redford                                                        The Edge of Love
Connie Talbot                                                     Love On The Brain
Voices Mia                                                            The Way It Hurts
Sophie G Music                                                    I hate You, I love You
Emma Siegfried                                                 Something
Astrid sings Jazz                                                   Fix You
The Artist Evelina Rusu                                      It Don't Mean A Thing
Kiah Sprule Music                                             How Far I'll Go
Kiera Hughes                                                      All I Want
Allie Sherlock                                                     Say Something
Sophi Lozina                                                       God Is A Woman
Lydia Singer                                                        Make Me
Sofia Shkidchenko                                             L.O.V.E
Mia Kirkland                                                        What About Angels
Veronica Rotin                                                     And I am Telling You
Seren Jade                                                           Promise You
Liberty Grant                                                     Naked
Serena Rigacci                                    California Dreamin'
Courtney Hadwin (Courtz)                              Old Town Road
Virginia Ruspini                                                 I Dreamed a Dream
Natalia Atkinson                                                 I Don't Want To Be You


Tune in Sunday February 23th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio  


NORTH AMERICA and Australia Part #3

Genavieve Linkowski                                       My Heart Will Go On
Azalyne                                                                 New York State of Mind
RIA                                                                         I'm Good                                                                             
Belle Mathews - Bella                                       Crying Like A Rain Cloud (Original)
Juna N Joey                                                         Someone You Loved         
Bella                                                                      Just Like Me (Purrfection)
Amanda Cooksey                                               Kills You Slowly
AcaPop Kids                                                        Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
Jasmin McNally                                                   Your Love Is My Skin
Samantha LaPorta                                            For Us
Brittni Cupit                                                          Like A Love Song
Olivia Cella                                                           Caught Up (Original)
Delphi Freeman                                                  Who Am I
Neoni                                                                     Long Time Traveler
Ruby Jay                                                               My Universe (Original)
Julia Middleton                  Artist of the Year 2019     Castle In The Air (Original)
Madison Mueller                                                Breath of Air (original)
Natalia Novais Galan                                       Girl On Fire
Daria Chetraru                                                   Better When I'm Dancing
Sera Bullis                                                             Toxic Love
Tegan Marie                                                         Keep It Litt Is -
Ashley Marina                     Artist of the Year 2020                                                      
                                Move a Mountain (Original) – Blooming (Original)
Grace VanderWaal                                            Escape My Mind
Emma Marie Music                                          Fallin'(Original)
Hannah Richardson                                          Weary(original)
Alyssa Marie Coon Music                                 Tried
Jadyn Rylee         Artist of the Year 2018     Bird Set Free
SAMI                                                                     Stick Around (Original)
Carly and Martina -Artist of  The Year 2017 You Again (Original)
Heavenly Reyna   (Mozart)                             Yellow
Emily Faith                                                         Lucky Charm
Bryce Hitchcock                                                 Cigarettes (Original)
Karoline Rhett - Artist of the Year 2014      Don't Look Down (Original)
Brooke Falls                                                         Be The One
Molly Rae                                                            Can't Buy Me Love


Tune in Saturday  February 22 2020 to the Al's Place (Al Atkinson) Country Corner Show starting at 
14:00 PM DST                    
19:00 UK                             
20:00 Europe                      
21:00 Romania 
on The MÓB Radio

Alyson Greene Music        Picture on the Wall
Laurie Lace                         Here For The Beer
Naomi Bristow                    Big Rock Candy Mountain
Jadyn Rylee                         A Different Corner
Maia Malancus                   Honky Tonk Women
Maggie Baugh                      Beautiful (original)
Jenny Anne                           Mama - Laugh Lines
Celeste Kellogg                   Keep It on Repeat
Jasmine                                 Island Anna Maria - My Time To Shine                        
Hillary Reese                        When the Smoke Clears
The Hobb Sisters                 You'll Know
Marion Fiedler                   Good Morning
Cassidy-Rae                         More (Original)
Dani Kristina                        I Wanna Belong
Jeannine Barry                  Love Just Hurts (Original)
Taylor Renee                        Norma Jean
Sophia Dion                          In Case You Didn’t Know
Alyssa Trahan                      I'm Here for the Dog (Original)
Diamond Dixie                     Getting Good
Lauren Marie Presley          Outta My Head
Stephanie Quayle                Drinkin With Dolly
Jaclyn Kenyon                     When We Love   
Jennifer Mlott                       Don't Know Why
Hayley Fahey                      Natural Woman
Emily Brooke                     Girls
Hailee Faith                         Only You - Bluejeans (Original)
Aubrey Hedgepeth             Leave The Pieces
Mikalyn Hay                       Close (Original)
LeeAnn Purvis                    Worth It
Brooklyn Roebuck             Be Country With Me
Molly Rae                            Let Her Go                          
Jordyn Lyn                          In This Mountain Rain

Wild Fire                                Young Love (Original)
Hayley McKay                    The Bottom Of My Heart
Caitlin Mae                          Whisky Lullaby
Kadie Lynn                           Wasted (Original)
Tegan Marie                        Let Your Baby Fly - Hearts Don‘t Break
Sarah Hardwig                     Take Me Home Country Roads
The Small Town Girls          Redneck Woman
Ava Paige Davis                 When Love Dies (Original)
Juna N Joey                         Paper Heart
Sarah Darling                     Where Cowboys Ride
Mary Sarah                         You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
Bailey Callahan                                 Wide Open Spaces
Sydney Mae Music             Lovesick Blues
Arielle                                     Somewhere In My Car
Ciera MacKenzie                 Chance I Didn't Take
Alyssa Marie                       Unamed special song
Emily Faith                         Choctaw County Affair
Maryellen Badea                 The Climb


Tune in Friday February 21st 2020 to  Al's  Rock The House Show starting at 
12:00 PM EST 
17:00 UK
18:00 EUROPE
19:00 Romania 
The MÓB Radio Live with DJ Shea
Victory Vizanska & Sina Drums                    Bohemiean Rhaposdy - Last Night a DJ Saved My Life
Jadyn Rylee                                         I Promise You
Alyona                                                   Too Young To Fall In Love
CrossFire                                               Judgement Day
Konstanza                                            Mad World
Raisandra                                             Hotel California
Sofia Shkidchenko                             Kill This Love
Diana Petcu                                          You Make Me Wanna Die
Vinyl Ambush                                     Hollywood-Casualties
Daria Elena                                           Moment Of Silence - Unstoppable
Exigent Misery                                   Still Into You
Iron Cross                                            Crazy Train
Saving Escape                                      7 Nation Army
Lucy Gowen & Emma Marie         The Power of Love - I Want You To Want Me
Maia Malancus                                   Proud Mary - Seven Nation Army
Daria Stefan                                         Chain The World
Motion Device                                     I Don't Care Anymore
Selena Bobeica                                   I Love Rock'N Roll - Black Sheep
Emma Siegfried                                   Best of You
Not UR Girlfrenz                  Friends Or Memories (Original)
The Sixsters                                          Volcanoes
The Warning                                       Young Girls Love to Rock

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