❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ashley Marina ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
❤❤❤❤ Al's Artist of the Month for November 2019 ❤❤❤❤❤ MOB RADIO's ARTIST OF THE YEAR ❤AND❤ Al's Artist of the Year for 2020 ❤and with DJ Shea predictions of Greatness and maybe even Artist of the { Generation } you can expect it to be a very exciting year and we are so proud to have Ashley Marina as our Artist of the Year , Full of talent with Acting Singing and Piano Skills already has Original songs to her name this is one exciting Artist and a Must Follow esp as her Journey will be one you will not forget in a Hurry also Thank You Julia Middleton for you gave us an Amazing 2019 wow we are so Lucky to have Artists Like you and Ashley be our Artist of the Year Thank You All xoxoxo

Ashley Marina Yankello a 12 year old multifaceted performer (singer-songwriter, instruments (piano, ukulele, guitar), dancer (hip hop, ballet, jazz, tap), actress & model)

Social Media 
FaceBook :
Youtube :
Visit Ashley's Youtube channel …Subscribe … like .. comment and share Thank you 

A big Shout out to Ashley for showing them what you are made of Girl we are proud of you Boo Yaa Ashley

Just like Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, Halsey and countless other inspirations, singer-songwriter Dani Kristina knows how to write bangers. Through the process of writing over 500 songs as a teenager and training as a classical pianist and vocalist, she has found her niche. Dani is a confident, mature, creative and open-minded artist looking to build a team and grow her brand.

 Victory is an Artist and one that will strike a chord in your heart really has taken the MOB listeners by storm and with her latest visite to live chat during Als New Artist radio Show has made a lot fo friends and her music esp her Covers have really got her noticed from Ukraine Victory Vizhanska will be a name that 

will go down in history because you just do not get many like check her out just go to her Youtube Channel and you will become a Fan :) 


Tune in Saturday, October 24th, 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania    on   The MÓB Radio   at
Romania – Ukraine – Moldova – Bulgaria

Antonia Alexandrescu                                       When You Wish Upon a Star
Andra Jeler                                                         I Have Nothing
Ambra Chinie                                                     Count on Me
Sabina Creascu                                                    Departe
Alexia Gresoi                                                        Zile De Foc
Alexia Stefan                                                       Let's Play This Song Tonight
Daneliya Tuleshova                                           Not About Angels                               
Fabiana Vuta                                                       No Me Acuerdo (I Don't Remember)
Diana Damian                                                     Never Enough
Daciana                                                                                Alarm
Iulia Teleuca                                                       Don't Mean A Thing

Iuliana Beregoi                                                  Bring The Summer
Mady Suditu                                                        Mama Knows Best
Ana Plian / Cioflica                                           A Night Like This
Andreea Tanasie                                                My Heart Will Go On
Adnana Ignat                                                       You Lost Me
Karina    Music                                                     Sorry
DaRya MaRya                                                    Beautiful
Antonia Radulescu                                             Don't Start Now
Daria Gurici & Alexandra Amarandei        Moment Of Silence

Happy Day Band                                                                Dance Monkey
Isabela Ungureanu                                            I Have Nothing
Simona Vrabie & MIhaela Cernea                Heather
Adnana                                                                Earth Song
NND No Name Duo                                            K-Pop Mashup
Alexia Catalina                                                  Peace is Your Hope
Luana Florea                                                      Feelin’ Good
Daria Teodorescu                                                                Aud Un Strigat
Raisandra                                                             When You Believe
Selena Bobeica                                                    Something New                                                   
Alexta                                                                    A Thousand Years              
Giulia Tabara                                                       Ain't Another Man
w.ARIA (Maria Raducanu)                              Poker Face
LARY                                                                     Free Your Mind
Maia Malancus                                                   Dirty Dirty

Nina Manolache                                                 Candy Girls
Fani Trancheva                                                  I Have Nothing
Teona Racheriu                                                 Life Is Beautiful
Ioana Ilincescu                                                   Speechless
Delia Mălinici                                                     Crazy
Delia Andreea Marga                                          Mirror-Mirror
Daria Stefan   Artist of the Year 2015           Cry Me A River
Daiana  (Diana Popa)                                        Shape of You
Maryellen V Badea                                           Girl On Fire
Daria Nicoleta Peltea                                        Someone You Loved
Victory Vizhanska singer.                                All of Me             
Christina Magrin                                               No More Tears
Sophi Lozina                                                       God Is A Woman
Sofia Shkidchenko                                              Fly Me To The Moon
Evelina Rusu                                                        Oh... Darling


Tune in Sunday  October 25th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
13:00 EST             NOTE Time change in rest of the World to Standard Time  
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio   at  
NORTH AMERICA – Australia - UK

LA  Costillo                                                          You Are The Reason
Aviv Cohen                                                          Front lawn
Hailee Faith                                                         Angel By Your Side
Ansley Burns Music                                            Before You Go
Tishy Hornsby                                                     Shine Your Light
Dani Kristina      Artist of the Month October            Deceived(Original) - Drift Away(Original)
Paige Blosssom                                                   Imagine
Connie Talbot                                                     Someone You Loved         
Beatrice Florea                                                  Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Sofia Alessandra                                                Lose You To Love Me
Sofia Novielle Santos                                        Reflection
Althea Justine                                                     Wondering
Julia Crystal                                                       ÆTERNUM
Emily Taylor Kaufman                                   Everything's Coming Up Roses
Izee  Music                                                           10,000 Miles
Sera Bullis                                                           Seventeen (original)
Annalise                                                                Hurricane (Original)
Genavieve Linkowski                                       I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Azalyne                                                                 If Only                                                 
Juna N Joey                                                         I Should Probably Go To Bed
Bella                                                                      Don't Start Now
Samantha LaPorta                                            Own The Night
Brittni Cupit                                                          SummerTime
Delphi Freeman                                                   Both Sides Now
Ruby Jay                                                               Young Love (Original)
Julia Middleton  Artist of the Year 2019     Bounce (Original)
Madison Mueller                                                Exhale (original)
Daria Chetraru                                                     Better When I'm Dancing
Tegan Marie                                                         Keep It Lit
Ashley Marina    Artist of the Year 2020     Trust Somebody (Original) - Move a Mountain (Original )
Emma Marie Music                                            Fallin'(Original)
Hannah Richardson                                          No Time To Die
Alyssa Marie Coon Music                                Before I'm out There
Jadyn Rylee and Camden                Artist of the Year 2018     Rewrite The Stars
SAMI                                                                      Hold Me Close (Original)
Carly and Martina -Artist of The Year 2017  - You Again (Original)
Heavenly Reyna   (Mozart)                             Despacito
Bryce Hitchcock                                                  Light In The Dark
Karoline Rhett - Artist of the Year 2014      Save Your Heart
Anna Shirin                                                           Invisible (Original)
Breeze Redwine                                                  Trust (Original)
Sapphire                                                                Stuck with U
Sophie G Music                                                    See The Sun (Original)
Emma Siegfried                                                   Hearts Don't Break            
Allie Sherlock                                                       What About Us
Seren Jade                                                             Songbird
Liberty Grant                                                        My Way
Courtney Hadwin (Courtz)                              Sucker
Virginia Ruspini                                                 What A Wonderful World
Natalia Atkinson                                                 I Don't Want To Be You


November  20 11 2016


Alyssa Marie Coon desides on her Birthday she wants to help make a difference and a Cover of Concrete Angle is Born

And so we also get the chance to help how check out her FB Page its all there but Donating a few bucks to help Children at risk sounds like a good way to spend also from Monday you can buy the Cover and the money goes into so yea and ive decided to put the Video right here and all our Network so check it out from Monday 21st November : ) O Yea DJ Shea Digs this.


Tune in Sunday  September 13 th  2020 to the  Country Corner Show starting at 
13:00 PM DST                    
18:00 UK                             
19:00 Europe                      
20:00 Romania 
on The MÓB Radio at


Ansley Burns                       Who I Am (Original)
Jasmine                                                One Black Rose
Jenny Daniels                      Vaya Con Dios
Jessica Sole                          Common
Sami Cooke                         Stings Like a Bee (Original)
Jonny Starkes                     Run Run
Juna and Joey                     Die From A Broken Heart
Beatrice Florea                     Cowboy's Sweetheart
Daria Stefan                         Crazy
Hilary Reese                         When the Smoke Clears
Kelsey Bovey                       Not Scared Anymore [Original]
Timea Csaszar                     Yodel It
Jennifer Mlott                     Ka-Ching
Gabby Barrett                    Write It On My Heart
Owen Mac                            This I Promise You
Lily Alexander                      Takin’ Myself to Nashville (Original)
Emma Hardy Band           Will We Talk
Yvonne McNamara           Stand By Your Man
Taylor Norris                         Drinking Alone
Lindsay Ell                            Champagne
Jadyn Rylee                         God's Country - A Different Corner
Laurie Lace                          You Remain
Teona                                    Cowboy Yodel
Jenny Anne                           Mama
Celeste Kellogg                   No One Needs To Know                   
The Hobb Sisters                 If It Wasn't Love
Marion Fiedler                   It's Not Impossible
Cassidy-Rae                         Dirty Laundry
Dani Kristina                        I Wanna Belong
Alyssa Trahan                      Ain't Ever Goin' Back (Original)
Diamond Dixie                    My Tears Ricochet
Hayley Fahey                      Stand By Me
Hailee Faith                         Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys - Only You
Aubrey Hedgepeth              Daddy’s Knee (Original)
LeeAnn Purvis                    Daddy's Hands  
Molly Rae                            Blue Bayou                         
Wild Fire                                Momma Why Did Daddy Go
Hayley McKay                    Jolene
Caitlin Mae                          Whisky Lullaby
Kadie Lynn                          My First Love Song (Original)
Tegan Marie                        H.O.L.Y.
Ava Paige Davis                 Break Your Heart
Sarah Darling                     Diamonds
Mary Sarah                         Johnny and June
Bailey Callahan                                 Wide Open Spaces
Sydney Mae Music             Lovesick Blues
Ciera MacKenzie                 Low
Alyssa Marie                        I Gotta Know (Original)
Emily Faith                         Your Side of Town
Maryellen Badea                 Say You Won’t Let Go


Tune in Friday October 23rd 2020 to  Al's  Rock The House Show starting at 
12:00  EST 
17:00 UK
18:00 EUROPE
19:00 Romania 
The MÓB Radio Live with DJ Shea

Ana Maria Baltag Diabconu           Seven Nation Army
Anatasia Petrik                                   I love Rock n Roll
Shut Up & Kiss Me                             Born To Be Wild –  Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
Andreea Munteanu                            Shot of Poison
Madison Mueller                                Dreams
Jonny Starkes                                     Belly Of The Beast
AlexTa                                                  Moment Of Silence
Alyona                                                   Don't Stop Believin
Daria Bahrin & Andre Cerbu            Smells Like Teen Spirit
Iron Cross                                            Breaking The Law - Highway Star
Neoni                                                     End Of The World
Azalyne                                                 If Only
Victory Vizanska                               Show Must Go On             
Fani Trancheva                                   Purple Rain
Beautiful Disaster                               Sick of Myself
Tiffany Gow                                        Broken (Rock Version)
Andreea Munteanu & Andrei         Love Is A Battlefield
Jadyn - Sina                                         Nothing Else Matters
CrossFire                                               Judgement Day
Raisandra                                             Complicated
Sofia Shkidchenko                             Kill This Love
Diana Petcu                                         Somebody To Love
Alexandra Dodoi-Andrei Cerbu        Don't Let Me Down
Saving Escape                                      Revelation
Maia Malancus                                   Come Together
Daria Stefan                                        Chain The World              
Motion Device                                     Soul Shaker
The Warning                                       Unmendable


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