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A Little About the Doc

“It’s all about having a good time, all the time”

My name is Jonny Rubin aka Dr Funk and I play the bass guitar. Originally from Sunderland, I now live in Newquay, Cornwall (I was actually born in California), where I mix my love of surfing with music.

I play the bass with a loop pedal to play the melody of songs. I love to slap the bass and am influenced by Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Louis Johnson, Larry Graham and others and I have been playing since the age of 12.

From the age of 16 I developed a passion for jazz and found a love for a bass player called Marcus Miller. I have had my own dream to be a lead bass player in a big band, ever since.

I have played in bands since since 2006, when I was 14, most recently in ‘The Big Sets’, a funk and blues band. This is where I adopted the name Dr Funk (I even have it tattooed on the inside of my bottom lip).

I have been busking since the age of 16, at first slapping the bass without a loop pedal on a 5 watt portable Marshall amplifier in Newcastle Metro stations. I now use the Boss RC 3 loop pedal with a portable Roland Bass Cube and you can find me busking most days on the streets of Cornwall.

I have gained a large following on social media sites after being filmed busking in Barcelona by Mark Laird. One of the videos was seen by a popular Facebook group called Music Life. The video has so far had nearly 7 million views and it made me realise what a power medium social media is.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy what I have to give you, and I am very grateful for all the love that you have given me.

I hope to see you at one of my shows when I’m on the big stage!

Jonny aka Dr Funk

Multi-instrumentalist, live-looper, jazz funk bassist Dr Funk brings busking into the 2020s. He makes the four-string sing. He surfs. His dream is to own a 67 Mustang Fastback. He’s not actually a doctor. Dr Funk lives to play the bass. That’s really all you need to know. Slapping, popping, strumming, riffing, he elevates the humble rhythm instrument to levels of melody and showmanship that are more commonly associated with the lead guitar. Inspired by legendary bassists – Marcus miller, Victor Wooten, Louis Johnson – Funk is the type of player who could jam on a groove for hours, building it up with his loop machine and keys. Fellow musicians stop and play with him. Crowds gather. Intrigued ears fished by Funk’s playing, pausing and taking time out to enjoy a stranger’s soundtrack. He will be supported by an amazing singer and this show is a First Live Virtual broadcast since the Live City over 10 Pounds Sterling and ticket Costs US and CA price shown subject to change but a hour to remember then get your now :)

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 "Astronaut in the Ocean" is a song by Australian rapper Masked Wolf. It was originally released in June 2019 before being re-released through Elektra Records on 6 January 2021.[1] Following its re-release, the song achieved chart success in multiple countries, reaching the top 10 in Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, the US and several other European countries, and top 40 in many other countries including Ireland and the UK. The remixes features vocals from American Rappers G-Eazy and DDG.


Ana-Maria Baltag Artist of the Month for November and an welcome intro to the MOB Family we are honored to have you with us Ana MOB RADIO Artist of the MONTH and what a show


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NORTH AMERICA – Australia - UK

Faith Louise                                                        Summer Fun
Kyra Fields                                                            Greenlight (Original)
Camille K                                                             Oh My Love
Evah Fevah                                                          Fever
Cyrena Fiel                                                           Carry Me Home
Grace VanderWaal                                              Repeat (original)
Jackie Evancho                                                  The Haunting (Original Song)
Jasmine Thompson                                           After Goodbye
Lucy Thomas                                                       Can't Help Falling In Love
Sofia Alessandra                                                Lose You To Love Me
Victory Vizhanska             Artist of the Year 2021     Soldier, Poet, King - True Colors
Rosita Stone                                                         Love to the World
Rita Angel Taylor                                              For My Girls
Antoinette Targa                                                A Thousand Miles
Jennifer Mlott                                                     Outcast Dreamers(original)
LA  Castillo                                                          Love You Like A Love Song
Dani Kristina                                                        You Don't Get to Choose
Paige Blosssom                                                   Imagine
Connie Talbot                                                     Please Don't Judge Me (Original Song)      
Sofia Novielle Santos                                        In Our Fight To Dream
Althea Justine                                                       Traitor
Julia Crystal                                                       Skyfall
Emily Taylor Kaufman                                   What About Us
Sera Bullis                                                           Once In A Lifetime (Original)
Annalise                                                                Time Will Tell (original)                
Juna N Joey                                                         Addicted to Blood
Delphi Freeman                                  Beautiful Tragedy
Bella                                                                      Par Amour
Julia Middleton      Artist of the Year 2019 Traitor
Madison Mueller                                                 This Isn't a Love Song
Daria Chetraru                                                   Never Enough 
Tegan Marie                                                        I Know How To Make A Boy Cry
Ashley Marina    Artist of the Year 2020     Talking to the Moon
Emma Marie Music                                          Better Off
Hannah Richardson                                          Going Home (Original)
Alyssa Marie Coon Music                                Put It Down (Original)
Jadyn Rylee                                         Artist of the Year 2018     If I Ain't Got You
Sami Cooke                                                         I Will Always Love You
Carly and Martina -Artist of The Year 2017  - You Again (Original)
Heavenly Reyna                                                 Push You Harder (Original)
Bryce Hitchcock                                                 Cigarettes (Original)
Sapphire                                                                Heather
Sophie G Music                                                    I will survive
Emma Siegfried                                                 Just Give Me A Reason
Allie Sherlock                                                     Hallelujah
Seren Jade                                                           Never Enough
Liberty Grant                                                     Love Me Like You Do
Courtney Hadwin (Courtz)                                You've Got Time
Natalia Atkinson                                                 Dancing On My Own


Tune in  Friday November 26th 2021 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
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17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                         
19:00 Romania    on   The MÓB Radio   at
Romania – Ukraine – Moldova – Bulgaria

Anastasia Chirillovskaia                                 Ocean Eyes
Catalina Solomac                                              Drivers License
Bya Maria                                                           Theo Rose
Ilinca Bacila                                                        Furtuna Mea (My Storm)
Antonia Alexandrescu                                       Love Catharsis
Patricia Campean                                              Sunt O.K.!
Iuliana Beregoi                                                  Bring The Summer
Rebeca Onete                                                      Cry If I Want To
Ana Stanciulescu                                                Candy Man
Ana-Maria Margean                                         Boom
Charlotte Summers                                           Yesterday
Claudia Dumitru                                                More Than Me
Karina (Carina Olteanu)                 Too Much to Drink
Luana Toader                                                     I Am Changing
Ana Maria Baltag Diaconu  Artist of the Month November 2021
                               Dream A Little Dream Of Me - Star Road - Drum De Stea
Daria Elena Gurici                                            Tittanium
Liu-Nan                                                                A Million Dreams
Tiana Cilibiu                                                       I'm Sorry
Amira Apian                                                        Arlechino            
Daciana                                                                                Expectations
Iulia Teleuca                                                       A Girls Story
Ana Plian                                                             A Night Like This
DaRya MaRya                                                    Wall Man
Antonia Radulescu                                             Love Me Like You Mean It
Isabela Ungureanu                                            Scared To Be Lonely
Simona                                                                  Euphoria
Adnana                                                                Earth Song
Alexia Catalina                                                  Bella Ciao
Luana Florea                                                      I Who Have Nothing
Daria Teodorescu                                              Wish You Were Here
Raisandra                                                            Million Reasons                                 
Alexta                                                                    Alone
Giulia Tabara                                                     Someone You Loved
(Maria Raducanu)w.ARIA                               Put Your Heart
LARY                                                                    Como la flor (Like The Flower)
Trupa Happy Day                                              You're Airborne

Nina Manolache                                                 Who's Loving You
Teona Racheriu                                                 Tic,Tac,Tik,Tok
Ioana Ilincescu                                                   Sign of the Times
Delia Mălinici -Chanted                                   Underwater
Delia Andreea Marga                                       You Lost Me
Daria Stefan   Artist of the Year 2015           Oops!... I Did It Again
Daiana  (Diana Popa)                                        Vagabondnal)
Maryellen V Badea                                           Too Good At Goodbyes
Daria Nicoleta Peltea                                        Emotions
Victory Vizhanska singer.                Artist of the Year 2021                     Skinny Genes  –  Stray Cat Strut
Sophi Lozina                                                       Dreams ( original )
Sofia Shkidchenko                                             POV
Evelina Rusu                                                       Lie Ciocârlie (Dear Lark)


Tune in Saturday  December 19th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio   at

Adnana                                                 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Alexia Catalina                                    Oh, What Wonderful News
Alexta                                                    Once Upon A December
Alina Dinca                                           Santa, Find A Way
Allie Sherlock                                       How Can This Be
Althea Justine                                       So Fine
Anamaria Teodora Tanasa                               Aleluia
Ansley Burns Music                            Mary Did You Know
Antoinette Targa                                  My Only Wish
Antonia Alexandrescu                        It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Arielle Perez                                          Find The Way
Ashley Marina                                     Where Are You Christmas
Ashley Nicole                                       Santa Baby
Bella                                                       Santa Tell Me
Bianca BiBi                                          Saint Nicholas
Bryce Hitchcock                                  Thinking of You(Original)
Caitlin Mae                                           A Candle For Christmas (Original)
Carly and Martina                              Your Song
Celeste Kellogg                                     Santa Claus is Back In Town
Connie Talbot                                      Chestnuts Roasting
Courtney Hadwin                                Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Daria Stefan                                         I Saw Mommy Kisin' Santa Claus
Emma Marie Music                            My Grown Up Christmas List
Evelina Rusu                                        I Need You For Christmas
Hailee Faith                                          Merry Christmas In Dixie
Ioana Ilincescu                                    Sia Christmas Mashup
Jadyn Rylee                                          Wicked Game - Drummer Boy
Julia Middleton                                    Love Is Christmas
Juna N Joey                                          Blue Christmas
Kadie Lyn                                             First Christmas
LA Costillo                                            Somewhere Over The Rainbow
LARY                                                     Snowman
LeeAnn Purvis                                      Oh Holy Night
Mady Suditu                                        Someday At Christmas
Maria Bobotan                                    From The Snowy White Skies
Maryellen V Badea                             How Great Thou Art - You Are The Reason
Maria w.ARIA                                      Deck the Halls
Mayte Levenbach                               Ur Not Alone
Merylin Marchitan                              My Favourite Time of Year
Nina Manolache                                  Millions (Winter)
Raisandra                                             Winter Dream  - Broken Vow
Simona                                                  Naughty List
Sofia Shkidchenko                              My Winter Song
Tegan Marie                                         Just Another Night
Teodora Man                                       So This Is Christmas
Teona Racheriu                                   It's A Beautiful Life
Tiana                                                     What About Us
Timea Csaszar                                     Santa Yodeling Song
Tori Hathaway                                     Christmas Without You
Victory Vizhanska                               All I Want For Christmas Is You - Last Christmas      


Tune in Friday June 25sth 2021 to  Al's  Rock The House Show starting at 
12:00  EST 
17:00 UK
18:00 EUROPE
19:00 Romania 
The MÓB Radio Live with DJ Shea
Arielle                                                   Genie's Out Of the Bottle
LA Castillo                                          Bohemian Rhapsody -  Tragedy
Allie Sherlock                                     Hotel California
Beautiful Disaster                              You Need It
Emma Marie & Lucy Gowen            Piece of My Heart
Eleonore Lelo                                     Russian Roulette
Simina Bacila                                       Wind Of Change
Emma Siegfried                                 If I Could
AlexTa                                                   Moment Of Silence
Tiana                                                     The House of the Rising Sun
Natalia Krishtopets                             Fields Of Gold (Sting)
Victory Vizanska               Artist of the Year 2021    
                               The Sound of Silence - I Want It All
Joan Jett                                               I Love Rock and Roll
Mia Malancus                                      Cry Baby
Jonny Starkes                                       Lay It On
Alyona                                                  Over The Hills and Far Away
Daria Bahrin                                       Bad Romance
Neoni                                                     Never Say Die - End Of The World
Azalyne                                                 Caterpillar Femmefest       
Tiffany Gow                                         Never Get Over You (Original)
Jadyn Rylee                                         Nothing Else Matters
Raisandra                                            Seven Nation Army
Sofia Shkidchenko                             Kill This Love
Diana Petcu                                          Fade to Black
Saving Escape                                     Weatherman
Motion Device                                     Unbroken
The Warning                                       Young Girls Love to Rock – Choke

Courtney Hadwin                             Old Town Road Requested by Darrren Aurand

Tune in Saturday, March 27th  2021 to Al's Place (Al Atkinson) Country Corner Show starting at 
13:00 EST            
17:00 UK                             
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania 
on The MÓB Radio at

Raisandra                            Broken Vow
Kelsey Bovey                      Magnetic(Original)
Beatrice Florea                     Cowboy's Sweetheart
Bella                                       I should Probably Go to Bed
Jeannine Barry                     Love Just Hurts (Original)
Ansley Burns                       Who I Am (Original)
Jasmine                                                Wheel In A Wheel
Jenny Daniels                      If I Ain't Got You
Jessica Sole                          Girl Crush
Sami Cooke                         Stings Like a Bee (Original)
Jonny Starkes                     Best of You
Juna and Joey                     Line By Line
Hilary Reese                         When The Smoke Clears
Timea Csaszar                    Yodelay
Jennifer Mlott                     Before I Cry
Gabby Barrett                    Rose Needs a Jack
Owen Mac                            Rollin Home
Lily Alexander                      Talkin’ Tennessee
Emma Hardy Band           Before He Cheats
Daria Stefan                         Crazy
Alyssa Coon                         Sweet Home Alabama
Lindsay Ell                            I Don’t Love You
Jadyn Rylee                          God's Country
Laurie Lace                         Me And Billy G
Teona                                    Cowboy Yodel
Jenny Anne                           Mama
Celeste Kellogg                     No One Needs To Know                    
The Hobb Sisters                 You'll Know
Marion Fiedler                   All My Life (Original)
Cassidy-Rae                         Look What You Made Me Do!
Alyssa Trahan                      Ain't Ever Goin' Back (Original)
Diamond Dixie                    Momma's House
Hayley Fahey                      Natural Woman
Hailee Faith                         I Got The Boy
Aubrey Hedgepeth              Daddy’s Knee (Original)
LeeAnn Purvis                      Anyway
Molly Rae                            Sweet Dreams                     
Wild Fire                                Been There Dumped That (Original)
Hayley McKay                    I Can't Make You Love Me
Caitlin Mae                          Whiskey Lullabye
Kadie Lynn                          Blue Moon of Kentucky
Tegan Marie                         Blue
Ava Paige Davis                 Tennessee Whiskey
Sarah Darling                     You're Still The One
Mary Sarah                         Rose Garden
Bailey Callahan                                 Too Far Gone
Sydney Mae Music             Lovesick Blues
Ciera MacKenzie                 Relentless
Emily Faith                         Choctaw County Affair
Maryellen Badea                 Hallelujah


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