Cyrena Fiel will be releasing her first 5-track self titled EP on April 30th, 2021 which includes “Carry Me Home” Heaven, Black or Blue, Yesterday and A Song about Self Love releases on May 14th, 2021


Singer, Songwriter, Performer

Soul & R&B



Cyrena will be releasing her first 5-track self titled EP on Friday April 30th, 2021 which includes “Carry Me Home” 

Heaven, Black or Blue, Yesterday and A Song about Self Love releases on May 14th, 2021 



Topline | IPF x CMF Trailer 2020-2021

Cyrena could soon be playing a lead role in a multi-episode web series called TOPLINE.


Topline is a musical dramedy about the world of professional songwriters for tweens, teens and young adults. It is a series about growing up. About relationships. About conflict. About overcoming obstacles.   


In 2019 Cyrena composed her first debut single “Love”

she then released another single “Black or Blue” on January 21st , 2021.


Cyrena believes in the healing properties of music and art and its ability to promote positive change with each other and have the power to affect change in the world. She aspires to advocate for Asian representation, the marginalized as well as mental health and body positivity awareness.


Cyrena Fiel is a charismatic, dynamic and gifted eighteen year-old artist who believes in the power of uniting communities and people together through music and song. She began performing at the early age of five and has continued to explore various musical outlets with several genres including Soul, R&B, Pop Country, and Musical Theatre. 


Cyrena has trained in contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap, and ballet dance- all competitively for the last three years with Canadian Dance Company. 


Also, at eleven, she made her musical theatre debut as Captain Witherspoon in "Anything Goes", and since then has continued to grow with her love for theatre. Her recent roles have been Carmen Diaz in "FAME" the musical with Innovative Arts (November 2018), and Chloe Valentine in the Canadian premiere of "Be More Chill" with Bravo Academy (August 2018).


Cyrena will be part of the entertainment booking lineup for Dandelions of Courage as of December 2018, where her first live performance is on December 9th at the Liberty Silver’s Birthday & Concert Soiree at the PORT HOUSE in Port Credit, Ontario.  FAME Musical


Theatrical and Musical Performances include:


* Wizard of Oz – The Wicked Witch of the West (School Performance, 2015)

* Seussical the Musical - The Sour Kangaroo (Innovative Musical Theatre, 2015) 

* Footloose – Rusty Anderson (Innovative Musical Theatre, 2015) 

* Shrek the Musical – Dragon (Innovative Musical Theatre, 2016) 

* Snow White Pantomime *Declawed Wolf *, directed by Chantal Forde (Burl-Oak Theatre Group 2015) 

* One Song Glory musical theatre intensive (Musical Stage Co. 2015 - 2018 productions)


Face book: (1) Cyrena Fiel Music | Facebook





 Victory is an Artist and one that will strike a chord in your heart really has taken the MOB listeners by storm and with her latest visite to live chat during Als New Artist radio Show has made a lot fo friends and her music esp her Covers have really got her noticed from Ukraine Victory Vizhanska will be a name that 

will go down in history because you just do not get many like check her out just go to her Youtube Channel and you will become a Fan :) 



Tune in Saturday  May 29th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
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17:00 UK
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NORTH AMERICA – Australia - UK

Evah Fevah                                                         My Boy
Cyrena Fiel                                                          Black or Blue (Original)
Grace VanderWaal                                            Don't Assume What You Don't Know
Jackie Evancho                                                  River
Jasmine Thompson                                           Smile
Lucy Thomas                                                      La Vie En Rose
Sofia Alessandra                                                Lose You To Love Me
Vince Bello                                                          Anything You Are
Victory Vizhanska             Artist of the Year 2021     The Show Must Go On - Boys Boys Boys
Rosita Stone                                                         Decide Now At Last

Rita Angel Taylor                                 Hard to Breathe
Antoinette Targa                                                Paubaya - Tolerance
Jennifer Mlott                                                     Almost Lover
LA  Castillo                                                          This Boy
Dani Kristina                                                        Deceived
Paige Blosssom                                                   Out of My Mind
Connie Talbot                                                     She Used To Be Mine        
Sofia Novielle Santos                                        Killing Me Softly
Althea Justine     Artist for the Month of May 2021      Always Remember Us This Way - Falling
Julia Crystal                                                       Time to Care (Original)
Emily Taylor Kaufman                                   Hopelessly Devoted To You
Sera Bullis                                                             Time to Care (Original)
Annalise                                                                Without You (original)
Genavieve Linkowski                                       My Heart Will Go On                                      
Juna N Joey                                                         Die From A Broken Heart
Delphi Freeman                                  Sleepwalking
Bella                                                                      I Don't Care
Julia Middleton & Peyton Gracia Artist of the Year 2019     Willow
Madison Mueller                                 99
Daria Chetraru                                                   Uncover   
Tegan Marie                                                        Keep It Lit
Ashley Marina    Artist of the Year 2020     Time to Shine
Emma Marie Music                                          Masquerade
Hannah Richardson                                          Dangerous Woman
Alyssa Marie Coon Music                                 Before I’m Out There (Original)
Jadyn Rylee                                         Artist of the Year 2018     August
Sami Cooke                                                         I Just Want To Love You
Carly and Martina -Artist of The Year 2017  - Honeymoon (Original)
Heavenly Reyna   (Mozart)                             Push You Harder (Original)
Bryce Hitchcock                                                 This Is Our Start
Karoline Rhett - Artist of the Year 2014      Brave
Sapphire                                                                Fly Me To The Moon
Sophie G Music                                                    Adore You
Emma Siegfried                                                 Lost Without You              
Allie Sherlock                                                     Fall In Line
Seren Jade                                                           Songbird
Liberty Grant                                                     Say You Wont Let Go
Courtney Hadwin (Courtz)                                What's Love Got To Do With It
Natalia Atkinson                                                 I Don't Want To Be You


Tune in  Friday May 28th 2021 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania    on   The MÓB Radio  
Romania – Ukraine – Moldova – Bulgaria

LA Castillo                                                      You're The Reason
Ana Stanciulescu                                                Orange Color Sky
Ana-Maria Margean                                         I Put A spell On You
Sofi Adamiv                                                         Mountain
Bianca Bibi                                                          Boom Diggy
Charlotte Summers                                           Yesterday            
Claudia Dumitru                                                Before You Go
Giada Giardinelli                                              Passing Grade - Nota de trecere
Karina (Carina Olteanu)                 Hello Mamacita
Luana Toader                                                     One Moment In Time
Ana Maria Baltag Disconu                                Is That Alright
Andreea Stoica                                                    Faded
Daria Elena Gurici                                               Sweet People
Liu-Nan                                                                 How Far I'll Go
Rebeca Bosnea                                                    Hurt
Sofia Alessandra                                                  Lose You To Love Me
Tiana Cilibiu                                                       Note To God
Amira Apian                                                        It's Oh So Quiet
Antonia Alexandrescu                                       Somewhere Over The Rainbow     
Daciana                                                                 To Be Happy -Sa fii fericit
Iulia Teleuca                                                       All That Jazz
Ana Plian                                                              Make You Feel My Love
DaRya MaRya                                                    Uncover
Antonia Radulescu                                             Don't Start Now
Isabela Ungureanu                                            I Was Here
Simona                                                                  The Show
Adnana                                                                In My Blood
Alexia Catalina                                                  You Are The Parents
Luana Florea                                                      Feelin’ Good
Daria Teodorescu                                              Je T'aime
Raisandra                                                            When We Were Young                                     
Alexta                                                                    A Thousand Years
Giulia Tabara                                                     I Have Nothing
(Maria Rw.ARIAaducanu)                             Watching The Sky
LARY                                                                    Como la flor (Like The Flower)
Happy Day Band                                                Bad Girls
Maia Malancus                                                   Imagine

Nina Manolache                                                 Control
Fani Trancheva                                                   Mamma Knows Best 
Teona Racheriu                                                 Life is Beautiful - Viata e frumoasa
Ioana Ilincescu                                                    Half The World Away
Delia Mălinici                                                       Love Story
Delia Andreea Marga                                       Love On The Brain
Daria Stefan   Artist of the Year 2015             Dream a Little Dream of Me
Daiana  (Diana Popa)                                        It's Just You - Ramai doar tunal)
Maryellen V Badea                                           Supermarket Flowers
Daria Nicoleta Peltea                                        Wicked Game
Victory Vizhanska singer.                Artist of the Year 2021    
                               Boys Boys Boys  –  Stone Cold
Sophi Lozina                                                        You Got This Always
Sofia Shkidchenko                                             Bound To You
Evelina Rusu                                                       Speechless


Tune in Saturday  December 19th 2020 to the Al Atkinson New Artist Show starting at 
12:00 EST                            
17:00 UK
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania  
on   The MÓB Radio   at

Adnana                                                 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Alexia Catalina                                    Oh, What Wonderful News
Alexta                                                    Once Upon A December
Alina Dinca                                           Santa, Find A Way
Allie Sherlock                                       How Can This Be
Althea Justine                                       So Fine
Anamaria Teodora Tanasa                               Aleluia
Ansley Burns Music                            Mary Did You Know
Antoinette Targa                                  My Only Wish
Antonia Alexandrescu                        It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Arielle Perez                                          Find The Way
Ashley Marina                                     Where Are You Christmas
Ashley Nicole                                       Santa Baby
Bella                                                       Santa Tell Me
Bianca BiBi                                          Saint Nicholas
Bryce Hitchcock                                  Thinking of You(Original)
Caitlin Mae                                           A Candle For Christmas (Original)
Carly and Martina                              Your Song
Celeste Kellogg                                     Santa Claus is Back In Town
Connie Talbot                                      Chestnuts Roasting
Courtney Hadwin                                Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
Daria Stefan                                         I Saw Mommy Kisin' Santa Claus
Emma Marie Music                            My Grown Up Christmas List
Evelina Rusu                                        I Need You For Christmas
Hailee Faith                                          Merry Christmas In Dixie
Ioana Ilincescu                                    Sia Christmas Mashup
Jadyn Rylee                                          Wicked Game - Drummer Boy
Julia Middleton                                    Love Is Christmas
Juna N Joey                                          Blue Christmas
Kadie Lyn                                             First Christmas
LA Costillo                                            Somewhere Over The Rainbow
LARY                                                     Snowman
LeeAnn Purvis                                      Oh Holy Night
Mady Suditu                                        Someday At Christmas
Maria Bobotan                                    From The Snowy White Skies
Maryellen V Badea                             How Great Thou Art - You Are The Reason
Maria w.ARIA                                      Deck the Halls
Mayte Levenbach                               Ur Not Alone
Merylin Marchitan                              My Favourite Time of Year
Nina Manolache                                  Millions (Winter)
Raisandra                                             Winter Dream  - Broken Vow
Simona                                                  Naughty List
Sofia Shkidchenko                              My Winter Song
Tegan Marie                                         Just Another Night
Teodora Man                                       So This Is Christmas
Teona Racheriu                                   It's A Beautiful Life
Tiana                                                     What About Us
Timea Csaszar                                     Santa Yodeling Song
Tori Hathaway                                     Christmas Without You
Victory Vizhanska                               All I Want For Christmas Is You - Last Christmas      



                 MOB RADIO

Als Artist of the Year and the face of Art Acts Sings and loves 

to entertain we love our Victory


Tune in Friday 30th May 2021 to  Al's  Rock The House Show starting at  
12:00  EST 
17:00 UK 
18:00 EUROPE 
19:00 Romania 
The MÓB Radio Live with DJ Shea
Rockmina            Crazy Train - Heaven's On Fire
Emma Marie & Lucy Gowen    Piece of My Heart
Eleonore Lelo            Angel Queen
Simina Bacila            Wind Of Change
Emma Siegfried            Wish You Were Here
AlexTa                Moment Of Silence
Tiana                Purple Rain 
Natalia Krishtopets        Fields Of Gold (Sting)
Victory Vizanska         Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Love of My Life
Joan Jett            Fresh Start
Mia Malancus            Cry Baby
Shut Up & Kiss Me        Animal - Rock You Like A Hurricane
Jonny Starkes            Lay It On
Alyona                Too Young To Fall In Love
Daria Bahrin             Smells Like Teen Spirit
Iron Cross            Bad Medicine - Fear Of The Dark
Neoni                Notorious - Darkside
Azalyne                Caterpillar Femmefest    
Tiffany Gow            Never Get Over You (Original)
Jadyn Rylee            MadWorld
Raisandra            Sweet Child of Mine 
Sofia Shkidchenko         Love So Soft
Diana Petcu             Fade to Black
Alexandra Dodoi-Andrei Cerbu    Whole Lotta Love
Saving Escape             7 Nation Army
Motion Device             I Don't Care Anymore 
The Warning             Young Girls Love to Rock


Tune in Saturday, March 27th  2021 to Al's Place (Al Atkinson) Country Corner Show starting at 
13:00 EST            
17:00 UK                             
18:00 Europe                      
19:00 Romania 
on The MÓB Radio at

Raisandra                            Broken Vow
Kelsey Bovey                      Magnetic(Original)
Beatrice Florea                     Cowboy's Sweetheart
Bella                                       I should Probably Go to Bed
Jeannine Barry                     Love Just Hurts (Original)
Ansley Burns                       Who I Am (Original)
Jasmine                                                Wheel In A Wheel
Jenny Daniels                      If I Ain't Got You
Jessica Sole                          Girl Crush
Sami Cooke                         Stings Like a Bee (Original)
Jonny Starkes                     Best of You
Juna and Joey                     Line By Line
Hilary Reese                         When The Smoke Clears
Timea Csaszar                    Yodelay
Jennifer Mlott                     Before I Cry
Gabby Barrett                    Rose Needs a Jack
Owen Mac                            Rollin Home
Lily Alexander                      Talkin’ Tennessee
Emma Hardy Band           Before He Cheats
Daria Stefan                         Crazy
Alyssa Coon                         Sweet Home Alabama
Lindsay Ell                            I Don’t Love You
Jadyn Rylee                          God's Country
Laurie Lace                         Me And Billy G
Teona                                    Cowboy Yodel
Jenny Anne                           Mama
Celeste Kellogg                     No One Needs To Know                    
The Hobb Sisters                 You'll Know
Marion Fiedler                   All My Life (Original)
Cassidy-Rae                         Look What You Made Me Do!
Alyssa Trahan                      Ain't Ever Goin' Back (Original)
Diamond Dixie                    Momma's House
Hayley Fahey                      Natural Woman
Hailee Faith                         I Got The Boy
Aubrey Hedgepeth              Daddy’s Knee (Original)
LeeAnn Purvis                      Anyway
Molly Rae                            Sweet Dreams                     
Wild Fire                                Been There Dumped That (Original)
Hayley McKay                    I Can't Make You Love Me
Caitlin Mae                          Whiskey Lullabye
Kadie Lynn                          Blue Moon of Kentucky
Tegan Marie                         Blue
Ava Paige Davis                 Tennessee Whiskey
Sarah Darling                     You're Still The One
Mary Sarah                         Rose Garden
Bailey Callahan                                 Too Far Gone
Sydney Mae Music             Lovesick Blues
Ciera MacKenzie                 Relentless
Emily Faith                         Choctaw County Affair
Maryellen Badea                 Hallelujah


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